January 21, 2018


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January 13, 2018
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January 14, 2018
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Below is a listing of opportunities that the Property Committee provides throughout the year at First Lutheran.


Serve on the Property Committee: The Property Committee is responsible for the planning, administration, care, appearance, maintenance, repair, inventory, replacement, protection, and use of all church property and equipment, and provide for adequate insurance of the same. It employs and supervises custodians, gardeners, and all contract help on terms approved by the Congregation Council.  It provides leadership for long-range planning in building and grounds improvement. The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Carpentry: Check this item if you have modest or better skills in carpentry that you would be willing to volunteer for the church.

Custodial: Once or twice a year the Church Property Committee organizes a full cleaning of the church.

Move Tables for Special Events: When meals are hosted in the Fellowship Hall, tables and chairs must be moved there from various locations in the church and afterward returned to their original locations. Check this item if you are willing to help in this task.

Plumber: Can you fix a leaky faucet, clean out a plugged drain, or do other minor plumbing chores? Check this item if you are willing and able.

Yard Care: Unskilled labor welcomed! Weeding, tree/shrub trimming, etc. Taking care of our two berms is also included in this category.

Painting: Both indoor and outdoor painting are needed from time to time.

Window Washing: We have many windows in the church that need washing. Make a special note if you are fearless in the face of heights. (We have some tall windows.)

Be a Participant in the Clean-up of Our Lutheran Lakeside Cabin: Once a year we are asked to clean our “Adopted Cabin” at Lutheran Lakeside. Cleaning consists of vacuuming cobwebs, sweeping, window washing, etc. Participants may also have to make minor repairs on the cabin. This usually happens in May before the camping season begins.

Be a Participant in the Clean-Up of Ingham or Okoboji Bible Camps: Each year several members donate a Saturday/Sunday  to travel to one or both camps to prepare for the upcoming camping season. Projects may include painting, cleaning, small repair projects, etc.