April 24, 2018


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Saturday, April 21, 2018
5:30pm ~ Traditional Service
Sunday, April 22, 2018
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10:15 am~Sunday School
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Below is a listing of opportunities that the Christian Education Committee provides throughout the year at First Lutheran.


Serve on the Christian Education Committee: This Committee plans and monitors the educational programs and ministries of our congregation. Checking this item indicates a desire to serve on this Committee for one or two years. The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Sunday School Officer: Sunday School officers consists of the Sunday School superintendent and assistant. The superintendent has primary responsibility for teacher recruitment, curriculum evaluation, and acquisition of supplies for our Sunday School program. The assistant counts and records attendance and offerings each Sunday during the Sunday School hour.

Rally Day Preparation: Help the Christian Education Committee in preparing for Rally Day activities. The theme changes annually. Rally Day is held the weekend following Labor Day.

Sunday School Opening: Help lead singing, celebrate birthdays and introduce guests that may be present. We also talk about the seasons of the church and/or rotational theme.

Sunday School Rotation Guide: Sunday School Rotation Guides are responsible for guiding a Sunday School class for one of the three terms: September through November; December through February; and March through May in one of the four rotations listed below. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up in the fall for the age and time commitment preferred. If your week-to-week Sunday schedule is erratic, consider team teaching with one or two other teachers for the year.

Music (Joyful Noise): Lead each group of youth in music and songs that retell the Bible story of the current rotation.


Art Fun (Creators): Lead each group of youth in an art project that has been planned by you with the aid of several resources. You will be responsible for gathering supplies for the four week rotation.

Video (Messiahs’ Matinee): Play a video that tells the Bible story of the current rotation and discuss details with the kids. We also pop popcorn during the movie.

Storytelling (Bible Adventures): Tell the Bible story of the current rotation through many ways. Ideas will be provided.


Sunday School Substitute Rotation Guide: It is the teacher’s responsibility to find a substitute in the case of an absence. If a last minute emergency arises, please make arrangements to get your material to church so we can find a substitute. 

Adult Sunday School/Bible Study

Leader: In the absence of the Pastor, you may be asked to lead the Sunday School class or evening Bible Study through the current lesson. Materials will be provided to you.

Participant: Be a participant in adult Sunday School class that meets at 9:15 a.m. each Sunday for the months of September through May. Or, be a participant in an evening Bible Study class, dates to be determined.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School Director: The director, alone or in a team with a second person, plans, obtains teachers and helpers, and directs the church’s one week VBS. 

Vacation Bible School Helper: A VBS helper is a person, youth or adult, who assists a VBS teacher in a class.

VBS Arts and Crafts: Plans and/or assists with the arts and crafts for the church’s one week VBS.


VBS Music: The VBS music helper assists with leading the music for all ages during the week of VBS.

Sunday School Christmas Program

Christmas Program Director: The Christmas program director organizes and directs the church’s annual Sunday School Christmas program held in mid-December. The Christian Education Committee is responsible for organizing and serving refreshments after the program.

Christmas Program Assistant:
A Christmas Program Assistant helps the director(s) in any way he or she can.

Faith Formation

Junior/Senior High Bible Study

Leader: If you would like to lead a Bible Study for either the Middle School or High School youth, or be willing to be a substitute for Colleen Teeuwe, please check this item. 


Participant: By checking this on your Time and Talent form you would like to participate in a Bible Study. This is for youth only.

Confirmation Teacher: A Confirmation teacher may be asked to teach the Seventh, Eighth, or Ninth Grade Confirmation classes or substitute when the regular teacher is absent. All classes of Confirmation are at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Classes are held from September through early May. 

Men’s Bible Study: Join a group of men that meet each Monday night at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the previous Sunday’s readings. The group meets at the church.